Friday 17 January 2014

The good, the bad and the pine cones

A stupidly busy day - exacerbated by the fact I have just taken on another part-time PR contract. I know.

I am, it appears, genetically incapable of saying No. Bang goes my writing from home days (Wednesdays and Fridays), although hopefully once I have done the correct amount of schmoozing and connected with the appropriate project team peeps, I should be able to do the bulk of the writing from home. Here's hoping...

And of course just as I say yes to this gig, two rather large writing commissions plop into my inbox. So much for pacing myself this year.

Other things that annoyed me today included:
  • guys digging up the street outside my window with the world's most enthusiastic digger
  • the airline messing up my flights so I now only have four nights in HK - grrrrrr
  • which meant having to rearrange the HK interviews I'd already sorted for that extra day
  • no time to drag my arse around the harbour
  • insufficient work completed
  • one very annoying editor who I'd like to feed to the wolves, piece by piece.

As a result of the above, Dry January has been dismissed as the extremely ill conceived idea it was. 

One thing I did achieve today was the excessive collection of pine cones in the Town Belt to fill the wooden tray thingy I bought at the tip shop on Sunday for two whole bucks. As I was admiring my stash, the Hound swept in and grabbed one. Pine cones are, in fact, his favoured chew toy. On reflection, they may not be the best table decoration.          

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