Tuesday 14 January 2014


A day of catching up. The first with a friend who tracked me down via Linked In who I haven't seen since we were students with part-time jobs at KFC. Yeah, I know (incredible that I spent three years slinging that crap; now not only do I not eat meat, I'd rather grow a third arm than put that kind of fast-food bollocks into my body).

Anyway, our conversation ranged over careers, relationships, kids (his 10-year-old twin girls and my four-legged babies), families (I did a magazine story about his fashion designer sister once) and about how growing up in the tragic suburb we did nevertheless had its merits (the strong survival instinct it honed in us, for starters).

Sadly, we both had to go back to work but I'm sure there will be a round two soon.

After work, I met my friend Heidi to sit in the blazing sun and drink tea and chat until our tongues almost fell out of our heads (sad git that I am, I'm having a dry January so moved our meeting from a pub to a cafe). It was all manner of lovely and as we walked home, I realised how lucky I am to know the people that I do.

Today's visuals are of cute woofers from Tumblr. Yes, I know I may as well hold up a sign saying 'I've run out of ideas' but sweet baby Jesus, these wee treasures make my heart swell.


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