Friday 3 January 2014

Goodbye freedom

You have been a steadfast friend over the past two weeks.

On Monday it's back to the gulag and another year of writing, strategising and co-ordinating the shizzle out of a range of organisations. Today we bid farewell to long leisurely sleep-ins, breakfast in bed, hours lying in the sun reading a book, long-overdue catch-ups with friends, missed movies/telly series and a diet that would give the health police conniptions. The two weeks off have been a blast, but sadly it's time to get back to our real lives.

My last day of freedom was spent thus:

A two-hour rendezvous with my mate Donna at this fabulous cafe and the calorific wonderland that is peanut-butter cheesecake.

Later there was a spot of shopping (these cute as vintage chemist bottles, yo)

and these books which I liberated from the library's annual cull.

Still later there was a soggy dog walk and a workout to try and mitigate some of the cheesecake damage.

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