Friday 1 February 2013

A brief canter through today

  • Copious amounts of baking hot sun. I am seriously considering marrying the air conditioner.
  • An early morning run in the Town Belt to avoid said heat. 
  • Pitching story ideas to editors; some successful, some not so much. These women need to be introduced to the concept of karma - that if they treat freelancers as though they're something stuck to the bottom of their vertiginous  Louboutins, one day it will come back to bite them on their skinny arses (hopefully).
  • Avoiding the Rugby Sevens with every fibre of my being (and the ridiculously costumed folk wandering past my house). 
  • Finishing a story whose deadline has been nipping at my heels for the past few days.
  • Spending the afternoon with my lovely friend Lorna, her woofer Dobbie and another friend Miriam, walking the dogs and then sitting in my back garden, eating cake, playing with the dogs and laughing loudly. A lot.
  • Drinking bubbly because it's February and I managed a whole month of no alcohol. Yay for me.
  • Indian takeout with the Animator and, later, the movie Argo which I am very much looking forward to.    
Today's visuals are of this wee guy, because I forgot to take any of the doggie/girly afternoon...

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