Friday 8 February 2013


I come to this news late, mainly because this week I have been so busy my brain is about to eat itself.

But not commenting earlier doesn't lessen the significance of the momentous things that have been happening  in the world this week.

Britain's House of Commons finally saw sense and legalised same-sex marriage, recognising that equality for everyone is the most important thing. Say what you like about David Cameron, and many have, but his support, whilst no-doubt cloaked in strategic political gain, has nonetheless helped push this bill over the line.    

Here in NZ, as our same sex marriage bill gains traction in the House, we can only applaud the British pollies for their brave move and hope ours follow suit.

Because, in the end, to cut off a chunk of society and say, "You are not the same as us. You are not allowed to have what the rest of us are free to have," is wrong on so many levels. As someone commented earlier this week, we are all human beings, we bleed the same. We all want to love and be loved, to be happy and give happiness in return. The fact that so many in our society wish to deny others those basic human rights smacks my gob.

Thankfully, this week the small minded didn't win. This week, equality walked away with the Gold Medal...

(Pic credit: 3 News)


  1. Yay Shazzy, like it when you get on your hobby horse!

    But totally agree

    Mel xox

  2. Thanks doll. It's certainly a cause worth fighting for but that, in 2013, we shouldn't still be debating. Sigh...




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