Monday 11 February 2013


Today I spent almost two hours talking about myself to a Very Nice Woman (caps justified).

We talked about my health, my hair and nails, my body's ability to expel waste. She delved into my childhood, my emotional state, the plutonium-grade insomnia that's spooned me more years than I care to remember.
It was a relief to have a good look under the bonnet of my life, to be diagnosed not with depression but with Rushing Woman's Syndrome (I did not make that up), with a lack of balance and fulfilment. We looked at how my Type A personality manifests itself and the possible reasons for the impatience and frustration that wrap themselves around me every time I leave the house. When she said she understood how hard it must be swimming against the tide of expectation and convention, of trying to make my way upstream in my own way, I almost leapt out of my seat to hug her.

We discussed the need to shake hands with my demons and then show them the door. We worked out a way to address my hormonal imbalance and tomorrow I shall go and collect the natural remedies. I have high hopes....

     (Pic credit: Google Images)


  1. Wow Sharon, good for you! I am feeling a bit blah at the moment too so am interested to hear how you find this. Keep us updated!

  2. Yeah there does seem to be something in the water. I'm hoping the natural route is
    going to work because not keen on the alternative.

    Picked up drops and powder today so let's see where this leads me.




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