Wednesday 13 February 2013

Sunshine, laughter and interiors

It is almost indecent how much I love the two weekdays I spend away from the gulag.

Today, the first of my working-from-home days, was spent coffeeing with two gorgeous PR women who often pitch stories to me. The last time I saw one of them was in New Caledonia on a media trip she'd accompanied us on. She also once sent me to Hong Kong on a media famil, so she rates highly on the Shazzymeter.

Later, as the sun licked the back of my neck, I walked across town to interview the owner of this adorable flat and shop  Zinc+, which is filled with things I really, really want. I profiled Trish's previous place and she often puts interesting houses my way, so in-between the interview stuff, we gossiped, laughed and spoke of the importance of following one's heart.

Later still there was a dog walk with my friend Lorna and her woofer Dobbie. After the last few days, it was a relief to surround myself with positive, fun folk. I have enough madness in my life, I don't need any more.

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