Wednesday 6 February 2013

Happy Waitangi Day

A public holiday in Godzone today, as we commemorate the signing of the Treaty of Waitangi, NZ's founding document in 1840.

Of course, for the last six months, my contract has enabled me to do freelance gigs from home on Wednesdays, and as the Animator is at work today, it's pretty much business as usual casa Shazzy.

The day followed the same mid-week pattern - a run in the Town Belt with His Highness, five billable hours of copy writing for a brochure and presentation and about an hour on a travel piece I really need to stop shagging about with and finish. I also sold a piece into Canvas Magazine and successfully pitched a couple of other ideas.  

Soon I will wander downstairs and play a game I like to call "open and close the pantry and fridge several times and still have no friggin idea what to make for dinner".

Well done if you've made it to this point; I've bored myself even typing this.

Wherever you are, fellow Kiwis, hope your Waitangi Day was more interesting (it surely couldn't have competed with mine for the knuckle-chewing boredom cup).

(Pic credit: Google Images)


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