Sunday 3 February 2013


And God selected five days, jammed them together and said, "I shall call these Hell".

Then he said, "I will also give you two days to chill, sleep in and spend afternoons on the couch comotose with carbs, boxed sets and more than the recommended amount of alcohol. I shall call these two days Heaven".

And so most of the Western world obeyed, and took Saturday and Sunday off.

Not Shazzy though; once again, she worked through (although yesterday's work was fun). Today was spent chained to the laptop, shoving nouns and adjectives together.

There was some time off for good behaviour (a trip to the beach with my two favourite boys) and later we will park our arses in front of Zero Dark Thirty.

One day, in the not too distant future, I am going to stage a coup and reclaim my Heaven.  

Visuals are of us hard at work during yesterday's food walking tour (thanks Lynn!) and the fresh pasta and aged balsamic that the delightful Roberto and Laurent at Merkato Fresh slipped into my handbag while I was interviewing them. They are about to morph into dinner.

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