Tuesday 19 February 2013


Once again, summer had Wellington in a choke-hold.

Sunshine clung to me as I walked to work, lunched with a former colleague, grappled with a difficult PR strategy and scheduled an interview for a magazine.

But later, an email from a very dear friend threatened to blot out the sun: yesterday she had to send one of her beloved dogs to sleep. Diabetes and age had conspired to end poor Allie's life. Understandably, my friend was distraught; she had moved halfway around the world with her two dogs and now one of them was gone.

I know only too well how my friend feels; in August 2009, we held Brompton as our vet gently freed him from his disease-ravaged body.  And late last year, an ocean away, Doug and Suzi had to make the same decision for our cherished Molly.  I know how grief can bash about the poor heart, often in a way it may never recover from.

Tonight I'm sending positive vibes, and putting aside a good bottle of red, to share with my friend. When she's up to it, I hope we can laugh and cry together about our four-legged friends, both past and current.

Images are of the canines I've recently loved and lost...


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