Tuesday 5 February 2013

The black dog

Today I had lunch with a very dear friend. We hadn't seen each other since before Christmas, so there was much to catch up on.

But as the hour wore on, and the vegetarian enchiladas shrunk, we talked of the black dog that has nipped at both our feet. About ways to bring it to heel, about medication and natural therapies. We discussed my appointment next week with a homeopath, what works and what doesn't. We spoke at length about the importance of valuing the little things, of being thankful for what we have (sorry to get all Oprah on yo' asses).

Tonight after work, a couple of the Mt Vic dog walking crew met up; at one stage there were seven dogs  cavorting madly around the park, barking and sniffing and being as generous as possible with their canine joy. It made me smile so much, I do believe these dogs may have chased the other one away...



  1. Glad the real dogs helped banish the black one, which can be such a bastard. But chin up and good luck with the homeopath.


  2. Thanks for the kind words Sas.

    And yes, nothing like a dose of doggy madness to chase the blues away. The medical profession should prescribe an hour with a dog instead of drugs!




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