Sunday 24 February 2013

Bristol is famous!

So my story about returning to NZ after an OE or two ran in yesterday's Canvas Magazine (click here to read).

Looks fine in the digital version but holy mother of god, in the print version this photo - which the editor assured me would be used quite small - took up an entire page!

The Brizz, however, is loving the fame and is now demanding his dressing room be filled with green M&Ms and slithers of wagyu beef. I have created a monster...



  1. Great story Shaz! I bet there will be loads of folk out there envious of your travels and lifestyle. I know I am!

    But beautifully - and honestly - written. And you both look lovely

    Sas x

  2. Thanks for that and glad you liked it. Has brought all sorts of folk out of the woodwork, including some I haven't heard from in years, so that's no bad thing...

    Hope all good in your world




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