Wednesday 23 May 2012

Not so great news

You might recall that back in October I endured the pain of my first mammogram.

It was all fine but then in January, a little lump appeared in my left breast. I did my best ostrich impression and hoped it would go away.

Today I went to the doctor to get some sleeping tablets for the flight (I have long-hauls down to a fine art: one meal, one movie, one sleeping tab and I'm out for nine hours. Repeat after transit if flying to the UK). Seeing as I was there, I thought I'd get my lovely doctor, Mary (who just happens to be the wife of NZ's Minister of Finance - yes, Welly truly is that small!) to check out the lump. She confirmed its presence and has organised a diagnostic mammogram and a scan. BUT, kicking away the dark clouds and going for the silver lining, Mary said the lump wasn't 'messy' (whatever the hell that means) and it wasn't so urgent that it can't wait until I get back from San Francisco. Which gives me some hope that it is indeed benign.

Oddly, I'm pretty calm about the whole thing; guess you get to a stage where you go, whatever is meant to be will be...

Only visual I can offer on this slightly strange day is of us on the Segways in Auckland a couple of weeks back - the Auckland Tourism PR who organised the trip emailed them to me today.



  1. hey doll, good on you for finally getting it checked out and don't worry, it will fine. You're a tough chick and I know you're going to be fine!

    much love

    Mel xox

  2. Hey lovely gorgeous shop tastic Bessie, do not worry, you will be SO fine. Thinking of you, have the best trip, thinking of you xxxx

  3. Thanks so much both of you - really appreciate the comments. And how could I not be fine, with friends like you guys?!




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