Saturday 19 May 2012


As I type this, George Clooney is in a corner of my living room, struggling his way through the miserable film The Descendants.  

I had expected better things from Gorgeous George but this is making my brain feel like cold scrambled eggs; if you have any shred of sense, stay well away. The Animator got some movies from the boys at work so I envisioned this as wallpaper while I tapped away at an article. It is - but the horrible, anaglypta sort that should never have been permitted this side of 1970.

However, Bristol and I have just walked home along the waterfront after dropping off stuff at our tenants' place and I need something to take my mind off the fact that various body parts are now frozen. It is bitter out there and I am thinking about setting myself on fire, just to keep warm.  

Am hanging out for California in seven days' time...

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