Thursday 24 May 2012

Maybe I have got something to say?

Yes it's true I love the sound of my own voice (who doesn't? Be honest...) but today about 60 others were polite enough to put up with it too.

I was asked to be on a media panel - me, a male TV journo who looked about 12 but was a sweetie and the editor of a glossy Welly mag, also a nice chap - for the Wellington on a Plate participants.

Basically, our role was to help them gain publicity for their cafes/bars/food and beverage products and events by guiding them through the mire of issues such as: what makes a good story? How do journos prefer to be pitched to? Will I get more cut-through if I pitch to a freelancer or an editor (answer, the former), etc.

Lacking anything resembling a self-filter, there was no holding me back. I adore spending time with creative and engaging entrepreneurs and always secretly hope a bit of their energy and fearlessness will rub off, osmosis-style, onto me.

I ran into a former colleague I haven't seen for years who is now running her own restaurant and a couple of chaps cornered me afterwards and asked if I'd do some PR for them (one runs a cooking school so that would be fun). I also made a  heap of contacts, which is great when you're climbing back onto the freelancing horse after some time out. Nor was the goody bag to be sniffed at, either...


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