Saturday 26 May 2012

Shoes - and grooming

This morning I foreswore my usual Saturday appointment with the duvet to pack some of my shoes into a suitcase and head across town to the Dominion newspaper's studio where a lovely photographer made me sit amongst them while he snapped away. It's to illustrate a piece I've done for the Sunday Magazine about  the miserable week I was unable to wear heels. I made the photographer promise he'd only shoot me from the knees down.

Was lots of fun and it's always amusing to hear war stories from old school type operators; reminds me of my days as a baby journo when I would listen, wide-eyed, to the hard-scrabble hacks.

In other news, the Hound has just returned from a sess at the divine Otis & Louie. He smells of coconut and arrived home wearing this jaunty bandana; he is so handsome I could gobble him up. He is, however, exhausted because being pampered is such a tiring business.

I am now off to tackle our list of stuff to do before we leave which has, worryingly, very few ticks next to it. We fly tomorrow so the next post will be from San Francisco. I will miss this little fullah so much but my heart swells at the thought of seeing Ms Molly again.            

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