Monday 28 May 2012

The unadulterated beauty that is Ms Molly

An ever so gentle massage of the truth landed us decent seats on the flight to San Francisco and roughly 12 and a bit circuits of the clock later, we arrived in one of our favourite cities.

A friend of our friends collected us at the airport and dropped us at their place where we enjoyed a reunion almost as riotously joyful as the one in December 2010.    

I say almost because our glossy black girl with the white tennis socks is an old lady now. On the wrong side of 15, her muzzle is more grey than black, her eyes are a little glassier and there's a distinct shuffle when she walks. Yet her enthusiastic welcome, the fact that she hasn't for one damn minute forgotten us, fills me with awe and wonder.

She's currently dozing on the sofa in all her elderly glory, reminding me of the extraordinary gifts that a four-legged creature can give to a human being.

Right now I have tired eyes and a full heart. Everything today was perfect – it will be the happy place I go to months from now.


  1. Awww... so happy for you my little friend - and Molly looks so cute and happy too! Have a fab time in SF and looking forward to seeing more piccies xxx

  2. hey doll, great to hear from you. We are LOVING seeing Ms Molly again and of course being in sunny SF. More piccies to come...

    HOpe all good in your world?




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