Thursday 3 May 2012


Today I hired a couple of uni students for a major mail-out we're doing for all our customers.

One, in her fourth year of an early childhood degree, gave me a CV littered with spelling mistakes (don't laugh, this girl will probably end up teaching your kids). The other young woman thought it would be cool to stick a photo of herself partying at a sporting event on the cover of her resume. WTF???

They were nice enough, though, and started telling me about a similar envelope stuffing gig one of them had completed earlier this week. Apparently there was this "really creepy older guy who doesn't want to get a job and plans to be a student as long as he can".

"How old was this chap," I enquired.

"Really, really old," said drunken-photo-on-cover-of CV girl.

"What's that in years then," I asked.

"Ohhh, at least in his late 30s," she replied with a shudder.

I'd rather be old than stupid, honey....

(Pic credit: The Muppets)


  1. Ahahahaha... hilarious!! Can't wait for a good thigh-slapping, tear-draining, cackling time with you next week!! xx

  2. I know - the youth of today!!!

    Get your laughter shoes on next Friday night girly cos we are hitting it!




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