Wednesday 13 March 2013

A good day

Can we just discuss how nice a day it was today?

Once again Welly put on her SPF40. I have run out of adjectives to describe this summer, which is one of the best I've ever had.

Whatever the weather, I heart Wednesdays. It is one of my two working from home days and, clever thing that I am, I've managed to retain Wednesdays and Fridays as my out-of-office days at the new contract.

Several of you have emailed requesting an update on the Hound's health: he is feeling much better and his barking-like-a-seal shtick has also fled for the hills. Today was so glorious I cheated a little and took him into the town belt (the vet has confined him to 10 minute walks around the hood on his lead), which has made him so morose, I thought we'd extend it a little. He was thrilled to be off the lead and I made sure there was no canine fraternising, which isn't allowed until Sunday.

Back home, there was a tonne of work done and I even found the word 'No' in my vocab when an editor of a swanky design mag came a-knocking (go me!) I have one more feature to file and then it's full steam ahead on research for this trip (it shames me to admit I haven't yet cracked open the courier pack of info sent to me by the Korean Tourist Board PR). I will be in catch up mode, if anyone is looking for me...

Today's visuals are of more gorgeous woofers from Tumblr....


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