Friday 1 March 2013


You know how you can wait hours for a No 20 bus and nothing comes along? And then three of the bastards turn up at once? If you live in Kelburn, like I did for 11 years, you'll have more than a passing acquaintance with this scenario.

Sometimes freelancing can be a bit like waiting out in the rain, hoping for that elusive bus to turn up. Fortunately, this year has been pretty good so far but today all my buses turned up at once - I got slammed with five freelance commissions. In one day. And all of them need to be filed before I go to Seoul at the end of this month. Like most freelancers, I am permanently estranged from the word 'No' so I accepted them all and then spent the next half hour talking myself down from the ledge. Oh well, at least it will make for a busy month.

In other completely unrelated news, last night I went dog walking with Ani, Dan and gorgeous Humphrey and we got chewed to pieces by midges enjoying a walking buffet. I have spent all day trying not to scratch. And driving myself mental in the process. Probably more information than you need on this gloriously sunny Friday, but a little overshare never hurt anyone, did it?

Today's images are of adorable woofers found on Tumblr (because losing large chunks of time to cute websites is such a good use of my time when I have work coming of my proverbials, right?!)

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