Friday 22 March 2013

Relaxing? Not much...

A million and one things to do before we hand our departure cards to the nice man at Auckland Airport early Sunday morning.

Today our final itinerary arrived and, holy mother of god, it is packed to the gunnels: every minute of every day of next week seems accounted for by those nice folk at the Korean Tourism Organisation. We even get our own guide, which will be nice. I only hope she likes shopping; I am determined to get to the markets, even if it means I have to do so at 3.00am (a couple of the markets are open all night, which is my kind of place). A few years back, I scored a media trip to Hong Kong and was also supplied with a guide by the state tourism body; he was lovely and ever so patient as I made him take me to every street and alleyway on the island in search of my wedding dress. Here's hoping our Seoul person will be made of the same stuff.

(Pic credit: Google Images) 

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