Sunday 31 March 2013


I have only been awake for four hours but already I want to crawl under the duvet. Jet lag and over-tiredness have pulled back the curtains of my life and let the harsh daylight in. We were once again fortunate to fly business class on the return journey and although it was all kinds of wonderful, and I totally heart Korean Air's fully reclining seat bed thingys, my old friend insomnia also tagged along. He was still here last night when we went to bed.

My eyes feel scratchy, a kind of rawness that no amount of eyedrops seems to be helping. I have done two loads of washing, unpacked and caught up on the email Mt Everest. I sat down and wrote a list of commissions that need to be completed in the next couple of months and almost certainly gave myself a new wrinkle. The Animator went to the vege market and several closed supermaches before realising it's Easter Sunday and returned grocery-less. We now have to pull together our end of year tax and six-monthly GST paperwork for our accountant, always an exercise in teeth-gritting, but in the shadow of tiredness/jet-lag, even more painful.    

Still, it is good to be home and to see the Hound, who keeps cuddling into me. He absolutely loved Lil, who graciously flew down from Auckland for the week to do canine/house sitting duties, but I can tell he is pleased we are back. He makes everything okay.

Today's visuals are of Seoul's fish market which I'm writing about for a food mag. They were taken with my phone because although the Animator took over a thousand pics (he is supplying images for my stories), he is yet to process them so we will have to make do with these pitiful ones.


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