Saturday 16 March 2013


Yesterday I popped into my friend Ani's place to lend her wee boy Bristol's Elizabethan collar (for the uninitiated, a cone worn by animals after surgery to prevent them unpicking stitches, etc).

Humphrey has just had the snip but unlike every dog I've ever known, he didn't mind the constricting band of plastic around his head. He is a delight and I could have stayed there all afternoon. And would have if the mistress of deadlines hadn't been sitting on my shoulder, yelling at me to go home.

Bristol was mighty peed off that I had been fraternising with his mate when he couldn't. He remains under house arrest - one more day to go. It cannot come too soon.

And now I am off to bake a raspberry coconut cake for two extremely talented photographer friends who are coming over this arvo to sit in the sun, drink wine and talk bollocks. Happy days.


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