Monday 18 March 2013

Long overdue

So they can put a man on the moon, invent the silicon chip and introduce indoor plumbing.

And yet they can't develop Smell-O-Vision.

If they could then about now the sweet, pungent aroma of this basil from the Animator's garden would be tanging your nostrils, reminding you of a hot, summer day. And, apparently, being better than a fistful of chemicals: back in the 16th Century, basil was used as an anti-depressant. Go figure.

I am about to turn this pile of green goodness into a garlicky, oily pesto to drag though hot pasta for dinner. I'm not sure if it will aid my mental health, but I know it'll be good for my belly.


1 comment:

  1. I'm coming over to dinner at your place! Tell Martin I am very impressed with his green fingers - my basil always dies!

    Mel xox



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