Tuesday 5 March 2013

The one where a frantic day ends well

My sanity window is fast closing. I have eight gazillion emails to send, meetings to attend, deadlines to meet and not enough effing time in which to do it.

Tonight, after work, I had to interview a lawyer for a feature I've been commissioned to write for a magazine. To say I was dreading it would be to wallow in understatement. I was tired and harried, and the words for an article I was rushing to complete were stalling somewhere between brain and keyboard.

But after 10 minutes in this woman's comfortable office with the enviable seaview, I felt my shoulders drop several centimetres. She was charming and funny and entertaining. We got on so well, it felt like I was there for a girly chat rather than serious note taking. As I was leaving, she suggested we meet for coffee when I get back from Korea. I would like nothing better.

I arrived home to a lovely meal cooked by the Animator and a sloppy kiss from the Hound. As if the trifecta of pleasantness wasn't enough, I turned on my phone to find an email from a former manager asking if I was able to do some work for her. Happy days.

Today's visuals are of one of the two gorgeous boys that make my world go round...

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