Friday 29 March 2013

Snip, snip...

It's our second to last day in Seoul. We fly home tomorrow night and I can't believe how much we have packed into this week.

Loads more pics to share but the Animator hasn't converted them from raw files yet so in the meantime, here for your reading pleasure is my story from last weekend's Sunday magazine about the Animator's decision to cut holes in his body as a form of contraception (click here to read). Overshare? Maybe, but as they used to say in journo school, why be ordinary when you can be extraordinary?

(Pic credit: Sunday Star Times) 


  1. About a week behind in my Sunday magazine, so just read your article. Hilariously written, and happy to see another woman out there who doen't feel pressured to have children! If only I could convince the hubby to get the snip...

  2. Thanks darling. And yay to more of us not feeling the pressure to breed. Get a dog, I say! Anyway, glad you liked it and maybe wave the article in front of hubby's face - might help him to know that it isn't the end of the world!




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