Wednesday 6 March 2013

An afternoon at the beach

One of the joys of this working-from-home-two-days-a-week lark is that I get to do stuff that's impossible when you're a wage slave, entombed in an office doing work that doesn't excite, alongside folk you'd normally cross the street to avoid.

Today that included driving out to Red Rocks with the Hound. Apart from a couple of other dog walkers, we pretty much had the beach to ourselves. And it was gloriously sunny and restful and so goddam pleasant to look at something other than my laptop.

Y'all know about my two year plan, right? How, in two years (or less, if I can swing it), I will focus solely on freelancing instead of whoring myself out to PR contracts. When/if that happens, I plan on strolling the beach at least once a week.

Now if I could just figure out how to make time run faster....


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