Wednesday 20 March 2013

Death and sunshine

For the past two days, there has been more grey than blue in the sky. But, hallelujah, today the sun returned.  And oh did I salute it.

There was a run along the waterfront this morning (sans the Hound, he is still recovering from kennel cough and I'm rethinking my stance on dragging him with me on jogs - I fear it may be too much for his wee legs).

Later I climbed the mountain of research for our upcoming media trip. I now know so much about Seoul I may very well nominate it as my specialist subject should I ever be invited on Mastermind (does that programme still exist?)

Later still, the Hound and I walked into the Town Belt with one of the Mt Vic Walking Crew and her woofer. She flies back to London on Friday to attend her grandmother's funeral. As we walked we talked of love and loss, of ageing and the inevitable. Of how hard it is let go of someone you love. And of the nightmare 30+ hour trip she has ahead of her (including a five-hour stopover in Melbourne and another in Abu Dhabi).

As we hugged goodbye, and wished each other safe travels, I wondered how long it will be before I have to cross an ocean to say goodbye to someone I love.

Apropos of nothing, today's visual is of Seoul's subway map, the longest in the world and the second largest (in terms of stations) after New York's. Looks a little like a wiring diagram, eh? Does anyone else find it alarming that I am turning into a metro geek? A couple of months back I even sat down and counted how many of the world's subways I have been on. Sadly, that's kinda how I roll these days...


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